13 Mar

Native English Speaking Parents Jobs Vacancy in Sky 渋川町

Native English Speaking Parents
渋川町 J23
13 Mar, 2018 30+ days ago

Sky 渋川町 urgently required following position for Native English Speaking Parents. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Native English Speaking Parents Jobs Vacancy in Sky 渋川町 Jobs Details:


For individuals looking to work in Japan, finding a fair and reliable employer is a necessity. We have all heard of or experienced such stories as “working and not being paid“ or “service overtime”. We at An English Club want those individuals to know that there is a better opportunity out there.

At AEC we always put the wellness of the company first, which means that both our customers and employees don’t lose sleep, knowing that they are part of a strong, stable and lasting organization. Our goal is to provide both our customers and our employees with a learning environment and cross-cultural experience of the highest possible quality.

We would like you to know that we offer a very fair contract compared to other English schools. We have a reputation for being a supportive and fair employer and most of our teachers have come here from other schools. We contract up to 30 hours teaching a week although most of us actually teach an average of 20-24 hours per week. Our classes are stacked and when your classes are finished for the day, so are you. There are no long breaks between classes, which means some days you are only working for 4-6 hours. Similar companies offer contracts up to 40 hours a week where you must be on location the whole time for the same price. This gives you what money can’t buy, your free time. We offer 6 weeks vacation, even if it’s your first year, and the support we offer is specific to your needs. We are sure that you, like our current teaching team, will find the experience rewarding.

Scott Noll
Department Manager
An English Club


The salary starts at 250,000 yen/month and in American dollars this is roughly $2500/month. Since all relevant taxes are less than 10% of your income, you get to keep most of your salary unlike other countries that you may have or are working in. The cost of living isn’t much different than you are used too. Rent depending where you live is about \45,000 (roughly $450)/ month, and a frugal shopper can easily eat for \20,000(roughly $200)/ month.
Method of payment
Salary is direct deposited into a bank account made for you by AEC.
Transportation Reimbursement
Work related transportation expenses are reimbursed with your salary payment.
(Not included are flights to and from your home and moving costs)
We stack our classes so that there are little to no gaps between classes. This means no idle time or long breaks making your day longer than it has to be. Most of our classes are from late afternoon until evening, because 90% of our classes are children coming after school. And since most of our classes are children, no suits are required. We also have our own textbooks and methods from which to plan your lessons from. This means that even if you are new to teaching you can feel confident going into any class.
Contract hours:
A full time teacher contract is 240 days per school year with up to 40 working hours per week; which up to 30 hours is teaching in any given week. Although most teachers have an average of 22 hours per week in class, you could occasionally be asked to teach more. Once your lessons are finished you may go home. The remaining time spent planning lessons can be done on your own at home. If you need help or advice, our management is just a phone call away. Our contract affords you the time to pick up extra money without overextending your energy.
Teacher’s responsibilities
Teachers are responsible for preparing and teaching classes, filling out comments on student evaluations, and attending special events. Teachers are also required to conduct demonstration lessons for prospective students. All aspects of the job are covered in orientation/training and teacher meetings.
Paid Vacation/Holidays
A typical academic year includes: One week in late April-early May, 1 week in the summer, 1 week in August, 1 week in September, more than 2 weeks in December-early January, and some national holidays. Giving you lots of time to travel and see Asia!!
Contract renewal/Compensation review
Annual compensation adjustments are offered, and are determined by contract renewal, performance, and the fulfillment of established expectations.
Completion Bonus
Once a full year contract is fulfilled a completion bonus is given with the last payment for the school year. The bonus is determined by factors such as diligence, dedication, and attendance.
Advancement opportunities
Administrative and teacher trainer positions will be offered in-house. Many have made a career at AEC; while others using the excellent training and experience that they have received have made careers elsewhere.
By law, all employees are supposed to join Japanese National Health Insurance.
The owners of An English Club are dedicated to their schools. At AEC we are dedicated to the re-investment in the facilities, materials and people of the school, to ensure that employees and customers always have a comfortable and productive place to work and learn.

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